10 Surefire Ways to Destroy Your Christian Witness

witness1. Be a Hypocrite

This classic approach is one of the best ways to make sure that your non-Christian friends never take you serious about Jesus. It also provides them with an excellent example they can use when they advance the argument that all Christians are Hypocrites.


2. Talk Trash About Pastor and Church Leaders

Be open and honest about all the things you don’t like about your pastor or church leaders. Let people know what you would do differently if you were in charge. There is nothing like a little disrespect of spiritual authority to demonstrate how down to earth you are. By lowering people’s expectations of pastors and church leaders, their counseling schedules should be freed up so that they will have more time for prayer and Bible study.


3. Openly Express Your Fears and Doubt

Don’t take your cares and concerns to God. Take them to Social Media and Text Messages. Nothing illustrates a lack of faith in God like letting the world know how worried you are. To get a little more mileage out of this technique, follow it up with some preaching to your friends about how much they need to trust God just like you do.


4. Lie to Make People Feel Better

When a person dies without accepting Christ, tell their family and friends that their loved one is in a better place. Call them “Heaven’s newest angel” and other things like that. This will help people feel more comfortable with their own sins and they will not see the need to pursue God.


5. Gossip Often

People love to hear the juicy morsels of other people’s lives. To destroy your witness, make sure you are the first person they come to when there is some good gossip going around. They may not trust you with their secrets, but at least you will be entertaining.


6. Betray Trust

This is a great tool to make people want nothing to do with Jesus. It has the added bonus of often making them want to have nothing to do with you.


7. Skip Church

Demonstrate that almost everything in your life takes priority over church. You deserve an extra golf game, or fishing trip. Maybe you just feel like watching a little television. Whatever the excuse it is good enough. That stuff in the Bible about worship and fellowship was written for a completely different time and place. It certainly holds no validity today. Just look at how well our culture has been doing since church attendance declined.


8. Indulge Your Freedom

How are you going to make friends if you don’t act like them? How are you going to win them to Christ if you don’t have friends? Go ahead, drink, smoke, cuss and do all the things that the un-churched see as sin. Explain to them that it is not sin at all. If they don’t believe you, it’s their problem and if they do believe you, they will see no difference between you and them and see no reason to come to Christ.


9. Treat Church Like a Business

The whole “church is family” concept is way over-rated. If you get irritated for any reason, go shop for another worship experience. Don’t tell leadership, but be sure to complain to all your friends and post about it on social media. By all means, do NOT let church leadership pray for you and send you on your way if you feel “called” elsewhere. That would validate the whole Biblical concept of covenant relationships and that is just not the way we do it anymore.


10. Openly Criticize the Church

We all know the Church has problems so be open about it. Let your worldly friends and family know when someone in your church has disappointed or hurt you. Just be real. Who knows, maybe they will want to go to church with you anyway.

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