It’s Time to Pick a Side

pick.a.sideThe year is only a quarter finished and we have already seen a lifetime of conflict, scandal and downright fearful events. In the news right now, we have leaders trying desperately to work out a deal where our enemy will acquire nuclear weapons. I’m not being hyperbolic, I not talking about a perceived enemy or a possible enemy. I’m referring to a nation that is actually funding and arming our enemies as I write this. These folks have just recently stated publically that they will not stop until they see an Islamic flag flying over the White House. One of their own journalist defected during the meetings in Switzerland and warned us that we are being played. Continue reading “It’s Time to Pick a Side”

Maybe It’s You

itmightbeyouSeveral years ago while working as a Worship Pastor, the leader of the Youth Praise & Worship Team – who I will call Bob for the sake of anonymity – came to my office noticeably frustrated. I set aside what I was working on and asked him what was bothering him. He said, “Pastor Rodney my whole team got up and walked out – they quit.” I looked at him somewhat surprised and said, “You’re whole team?” He answered, “Yes!” I asked, “Even John? (Not his real name.) Bob replied, “Yes.”

Now to put this whole thing into perspective, John not only served on the Youth Praise Team, but also on the Main Team. I had worked with him for some time, and he was a model teen – the kind every parent hopes for. He was personally motivated, extremely personable and very respectful of everyone. This kid took college classes while still in high school and is a highly respected professional today. Continue reading “Maybe It’s You”

My Rant

rantI’ve gone on a couple of Facebook rants over the past few days. I didn’t wake up thinking, “I’m going to rant and rave today.” Instead, it just kind of flowed out – like pressure being released from tiny holes in my finger-tips before the pressure caused my head to pop up and steam began scrambling from my upper orifices – reminiscent of the release valve on those old-timey pressure cookers.

I suppose I could make this blog a mea culpa – if indeed I felt I went too far – but in reality I’m not sure I went far enough. Continue reading “My Rant”

It’s All About Me

itsallaboutmeAttending a Christian concert last week, I was struck with how much some of the artists used the words “I” and “me.” I know there are many songs over the centuries that have used these personal pronouns, but it seems that more than ever, the Church is incorporating the philosophies of Carl Rodgers and Dr. Spock (The Physician not the Vulcan) into its theology. Continue reading “It’s All About Me”

Shaking Off the Restraints

castingoffrestraintsOn my way into the office this morning I was listening to a couple of radio hosts talking about Saint Patrick’s Day. My initial thoughts went to a previous year’s blog that shared the phenomenal story of the real Saint Patrick and how he fought hard against the snakes (demons) of Ireland as he took the Gospel of Christ to his former slave masters and overall evil people of the land.

The male host then noted that for many years, alcohol was prohibited on St. Patrick ’s Day. It was a day to attend church and reflect on the pious life of God’s humble servant. The host went on to say that eventually “we casted off those shackles.” Continue reading “Shaking Off the Restraints”

I’m God’s Gift to the World

GodsGiftSay it with me, “I’m God’s gift to the world.” One more time, “I’m God’s gift to the world.” Does it feel a little prideful? Probably so – it does to me – but it is still true. Let’s break it down.

If you believe the Bible, I’m sure you agree with me that Jesus is God’s gift to the world. One of the most memorable scriptures is John 3:16, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”  Continue reading “I’m God’s Gift to the World”

Pastor Mails Body Parts

Body partsIt sounds like the story line from an episode of CSI or Criminal Minds, but this case is real. A well-revered pastor cut the body of a woman into twelve parts and sent them to leaders of twelve different nations. When all was said and done, the clergyman was identified, but never arrested. In fact, he eventually became a hero of sorts – a world-wide legend.

Our story begins when the preacher in question solicited a woman for ongoing sexual companionship. Though they never got married, in the traditional sense, he developed a deep fondness for her. Continue reading “Pastor Mails Body Parts”

STOP! You’re Hurting the People You Love

StopIs it true? Are you really hurting the people who love you? Are you negatively affecting the very lives that have always been there for you – the ones who have loved you through thick and thin?

In an increasingly self-centered world, people often say, “Stay out of my business,” “What’s it to you?” or perhaps “I’m only hurting myself.” This is a radical departure from the social and cultural understanding of just a generation or two ago. Sure, there have always been those who were just out for themselves with the whole, “What’s in it for me?” mentality, but there was a time when that mentality was more the exception than the rule. For the most part, selfish individuals were ostracized by a society who understood the inextricable link we all share. Continue reading “STOP! You’re Hurting the People You Love”

Somebody’s Going to Die

somebodysgoingtodieThe specious debates underway in the United States today over the much publicized visit by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, are mere window dressing for a deep and abiding evil that has existed for millennia. The last time this evil was so evident, it ultimately led to the deaths of an estimated eleven million people. This time may be even worse. Continue reading “Somebody’s Going to Die”