Send the Fire–Send the Rain

sendfiresendrainWouldn’t you have loved to be a hawk circling above Mt Carmel on the day of the great showdown? Elijah was bringing it on with the false prophets. In this corner, with a long mangy beard – the man who many probably thought to be dead after three and a half years in hiding – the Prophet of Yahweh, Elijah! In the other corner four-hundred and fifty prophets of Baal and four-hundred prophets of Asherah.

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Who Wins the Day?

whowinsthedayMost of us don’t like having them, yet our culture craves them. We often view them as negative and something to be avoided, yet we are willing to pay big money to see other people have them. Whether it is Jerry Springer, Duck Dynasty, Cross Fire or some other form of modern “entertainment,” the modern world is infatuated with arguments. Continue reading “Who Wins the Day?”

Where Does the Evidence Lead?

EvidenceAccording to a recent ABC poll, 83% of Americans currently identify themselves as Christian. According to your definition, how many of these do you think legitimately qualify for the title?

The Apostle Paul urged the congregants in Corinth to examine themselves in order to make sure they were “in the faith.” (2 Corinthians 13:5) This appeal was given in the context of an upcoming visit where he was concerned that he would have to call out sin in the membership. He was hopeful that they would get their lives right with God before his visit so that he could enjoy his visit with encouraging words instead of experiencing an unpleasant trip focused on harsh correction. Continue reading “Where Does the Evidence Lead?”

Please Sit Down and Shut Up

sitdownandshutupI did say “please.” 🙂 Not a day goes by when we aren’t lectured by a Talk Show Host, News Commentator, secular University Professor, Actor or some other theologically inept person about the Christian Faith. They hike their noses in haughty disdain for the ignorant Evangelical Bible Thumpers who simply don’t get it. They school us on what the Bible really means or what Jesus would do if He were walking the earth today. I, for one, am fed up! Continue reading “Please Sit Down and Shut Up”

Love Is A Verb

loveisaverb*** Warning Do Not Read this if you are a Hopeless Romantic ***

To be painfully honest, falling in love, as we have learned from our culture, is more related to the way we feel about ourselves than it is about the way we feel toward the person we are supposedly in love with. The romantic notions that pervade our modern minds and emotions are more rooted in the literary inventions of poets and storytellers than they are real life. Continue reading “Love Is A Verb”

Lost Success

SamSam was about as average as average gets. There was nothing special for anyone to take note. Average looks, average job, average bills. Sam was average.

One day a message arrived that Bill Gates and Warren Buffet were coming to town and wanted to meet Sam. For some unfathomable reason, they had decided to impart their wisdom and experience. They wanted Sam to be successful. Understandably nervous preparing for the lunch appointment, Sam was able to look beyond the jitters and begin imagining all the good that would be possible when financial success finally arrived. Sam wanted to clothe and feed the poor and orphaned, build that needed wing for the hospital, oh and there was that waitress that was so kind last week – “Just wait until she sees her next tip!” 🙂 Continue reading “Lost Success”

Do Christians Make You Nervous?

NervousToday, there is a large chorus of people who verbally attack the Church and its members for being judgmental and unloving. Many recite stories of how they have been hurt by churches or Christian leaders. Perhaps most surprisingly, a large portion of this chorus is made up of Christians who themselves do not feel comfortable around other Christians. Continue reading “Do Christians Make You Nervous?”

It’s Not What It Seems

rightsTempers are flaring over the Indiana Religious Freedom Bill with the loudest voices getting the most attention as usual. The issues involved are highly socio-political in nature and cut to the very heart of all our freedoms. While it is popular and often effective to appeal to emotions, we cannot afford more heart-felt actions at the detriment of sound and logical ones. Continue reading “It’s Not What It Seems”