Debate Smackdown!

presidentIn a scathing rebuke of the main stream media,during last night’s Republican Presidential Debate, Senator Ted Cruz sparked a firestorm of controversy in today’s press. Cruz chastised CNBC’s moderator, Carl Quintanilla saying, “The questions that have been asked so far in this debate illustrate why the American people don’t trust the media.” [Audience Applause] He went on to say, “This is not a cage match.”

So what was Quintanilla’s alleged sin? Did his question really go over the top or was Cruz simply being too sensitive?

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How Do You Think?

ThinkHave you ever witnessed something in the dark that appeared one way only to discover is was totally different in the light?

This phenomena is not unique to children, it also happens to adults. The biggest difference is that adults usually have enough experience to know that they are likely witnessing an illusion. These kinds of experiences are not unique to the physical world either, they have parallels in the soul and spirit.
There is a lot of teaching about how we think and how thinking guides our lives. Much of the modern discussion surrounds self-improvement and achieving goals. While there is certainly validity and usefulness in these discussions, most only skim the surface of something much deeper and infinitely more important.

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Practicing Our Posture

posture1My heart is in anguish within me; the terrors of death have fallen on me. Fear and trembling have beset me; horror has overwhelmed me. I said, “Oh, that I had the wings of a dove! I would fly away and be at rest. (Psa 55:4-6 NIV)

Fear can cause us to respond to our environment in ways that are not positive. If we are not careful, it can derail our lives and hinder progress toward our destiny. There are three ways that people naturally respond when afraid: Fight, Flight or Freeze. Depending on the situation each response may be good or bad.

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focus1015Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.” (Phil 3:13-14)


One of the most basic rules of aviation is trust your instruments. A variety of circumstances and situations can disorient even the most seasoned pilot, but a properly maintained cockpit instrument is consistent. It is not affected by lack of oxygen or too little sleep. It looks the same in foggy weather as it does in clear. Bad days do not affect its judgment. These instruments provide a critical reference for achieving the goal of a safe landing at the desired destination.

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Leadership 101

reflectionAs we prepare to move into new roles and responsibilities, it is important to take time to step back and reflect on the kind of person we are going to be. It is a time to not only evaluate our expectations, but also to set boundaries and solidify our core values – and to make sure that our actions line up.

Although we are not certain when David composed the one hundred and first Psalm, most scholars agree that it was at a time of transition in his life – he was walking through an important threshold of leadership advancement. Perhaps he was ascending to King, or perhaps he was preparing for leadership in the wilderness.

In eight short verses, David declares his commitment, not to what he is going to do, but who he is going to be. Take a minute to read Psalm 101 now. Don’t worry I’ll wait…

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What is God’s Nature?

nature1Modern spiritual leaders appear to be confused when it comes to the most important question they have to answer – The nature of God. Is He a God of love? Is He a God of Judgment? Can we know?

I once watched a lecture from a well-known university. Although the subject had no direct connection with theology, the Professor decided to venture there anyway. He advocated that the god of the Old Testament was a god of Anger and Judgment and that the god of the New Testament is a god of Love and Mercy. I’m not certain where his information came from, but many modern Christians seem to agree with him.

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Do you Feel the Anointing?

anointingIf you grew up in the Pentecostal / Charismatic tradition like I did, you have probably heard some version of this question more times than you can count. It usually pops up after the preacher says something that we like, or the singer hits the high note just right. People say things such as, “He is really anointed,” or “that song is very anointed,” or “that church is truly anointed.” So what is the deal with anointing? Do we know it when we feel it? Can one person be more anointed than another?

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