Biblical Keys to Hearing From God Part 2

BiblicalKeysPt2In “Biblical Keys to Hearing From God Part 1” we discussed the first three Biblical Keys of hearing God’s voice. You can review the article here:

Biblical Keys to Hearing From God Part 1

Today, we are going to discuss three more keys to seeking and hearing God’s voice in our lives.

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Biblical Keys to Hearing from God Part 1

BiblicalKeysPt1Jesus said, “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me” John 10:27 (NASB).

This being true, why do so many people have trouble hearing from God? The answer is a lot simpler than you may believe.

In the very first chapter of the very first book of the Bible, God spoke. The transforming power of those first few syllables have not since failed to impact every aspect of the universe. Despite Adam’s sin and exile from the Garden, God continued His plan for mankind through the promise and fulfillment of His Son. John 1 clearly identifies Jesus as God’s Word made flesh. He has always provided a way for us to hear Him.

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Stressed Out! Part 4

stressoutpt4In the first three parts of this series we discussed signs that you may be stressed out and began providing ways in which you can manage stress and lower the stress hormone Cortisol. You can read or review the earlier articles here:

Stressed Out! Part 1

Stressed Out! Part 2

Stressed Out! Part 3

Today we complete this series with four more proven techniques – and a bonus method – to manage stress, lower dangerous Cortisol levels and live a happier life:

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Stressed Out! Part 3

stressoutpt3If you haven’t had the opportunity to read the first two parts of “Stressed Out!”, now would be a great opportunity to do so. If you have read them, it’s never a bad idea to do a quick review. You can read them here:

Stressed Out! Part 1

Stressed Out! Part 2

Today we continue the series with four more proven techniques to manage stress, lower dangerous Cortisol levels and live a happier life:

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Portending Apocalypse

apocalypseAs I read through various news articles related to the current anti-prayer culture war, my mind raced to memories of words I learned from the Biblical book of Revelation many years ago. The Apostle John relayed his vision of the future as given to him by God. He told of a day when the world would be in turmoil and people would stubbornly resist the call of God.

The refusal to repent is nothing new. We see it with Cain who failed to master his sinful thoughts before following through and murdering his brother Abel. The builders of the tower of Babel thought they could reach God without His help, and were scattered because of it. Noah preached the whole time he was building the ark. God didn’t want to bring the flood, but people continued in their anarchy and destruction. The people of Sodom and Gomorrah resisted the visitation of Angels and sought to harm them instead of receiving the grace that was available.

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Will This Be A Happy New Year?

happynewyear1We are now fully engaged in 2016. As I have prayed and contemplated all that is happening in the earth, I believe that God would have us be prepared for a year of contrasts and apparent contradictions.

Up front, and for the record, I am NOT offering a “Thus saith the Lord”. That kind of thing got people killed in the Old Testament and I would prefer to avoid a rock concert given in my honor.

At the same time, however, God has been faithful over the years to reveal many things to me – and others I have known – ahead of time. Have I ever missed it? Yes I have. Have I learned and grown from my mistakes? I hope so. The Apostle Paul illustrated our current understanding of God’s truth by the word picture of a dark mirror:

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Stressed Out! Part 2

stressedoutpt2In “Stressed Out! Part 1”, we talked about the effects of unhealthy stress in your life. If you haven’t read it yet, or need a review, you may want to take a minute to do so. You may find it here:

Stressed Out! Part 1

Go ahead, I’ll wait….

Finished? Great!

Today let’s begin talking about some things you can do to manage your stress levels, lower dangerous Cortisol levels and enjoy a more fulfilling life. I will break these down over the next three blogs for a few reasons:

● Learning is usually more effective over time. By breaking the blog into multiple parts, it has a greater chance of impacting your life positively.

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Stressed Out! Part 1

stressedoutpt1Many modern folk wear stress like a badge of honor. They appear proud of the fact that their lives are too hectic and they stay stressed all the time. Even when they complain about feeling overtaxed, they appear to be looking for affirmation – as if constant stress is something to be admired.

Like so many things in our lives, stress has its benefits. It can push us to complete important deadlines and motivate us to make important life changes. It can provide the physiological factors needed to help us fight or escape when confronted with danger.

A surplus of stress however can be disastrous. The stress-associated hormone, Cortisol, causes serious harm when kept at high levels.

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