Truth is Only True When Its True

Multiethnic group of thoughtful people with laptops sitting and thinkingOne of the most notorious contributions of post-modernism to our time in history is the supposed relative nature of truth. By this argument, there should be no colleges or universities teaching cultural relativism, since – according to their espoused philosophy – life has no meaning and truth is at best unknowable or at worst non-existent.

Taking these premises to their logical conclusion, college, teaching, study and even the professors themselves are all meaningless. The very statement, “truth is relative,” would be relative. The statement, “there is no meaning,” would by its own subjective rules be meaningless.

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Is Truth Dead

IsTruthDeadLast month, Time Magazine revisited their 1966 cover design where they asked, “Is God Dead?” This time the question, in the same red lettering on black background, was, “Is Truth Dead?” It is obvious to most of us that the execution of God by our culture would inevitably lead to the disappearance of truth.

Indeed, the murder of truth didn’t take place fifty-one years later, it happened the very moment that culture rebelled against the Sovereign God who is the very person of Truth. Like cut flowers, however, the full effect of the pruning would take some time before the beauty of truth faded and decayed.

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I’m Very Spiritual

light-681186_1920Often when talking to someone about God, they will say, “I’m a very spiritual person.” Usually this means that they feel some kind of connection with some undefined power that is beyond their understanding. To Christians, this kind of thinking should not be surprising. “In the beginning was the Word.” (John 1:1) God spoke the world into existence. (Genesis 1) Not only is the vibrations of creation still reverberating today, He is still speaking.

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Singing in the Storm

Woman and rain showerIt seems that every day I peruse Facebook, I see posts claiming health, wealth and prosperity to everyone who is reading. Some preachers even teach that if you are suffering, you are falling short of God’s will for one reason or another. I was even at a funeral once where a “Prophetess” told the daughter of the woman who died that if she had had enough faith, her Mom would still be alive. I have addressed some of this before, but today I would like to take a little different approach.

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Wonder Women

Praise in the morningAs frustrating and unfair as it may seem, Women are the champion gatekeepers of our culture. I know, I know… I can almost hear the groans of the women’s studies experts and their persuadees in our modern gender-less/gender-obsessed/gender-confused generation; but consider this: When men fall short of their moral responsibilities, women are the fail-safe.

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Does Jesus Need a Marketing Coach?

Benchmarking and market leader concept. Manager (businessman, coach, leadership)If we are to believe many of today’s top Church Growth experts, Jesus could have used a lot of help when it came to marketing and branding. Instead of capitalizing on His core strengths, successful resume and off-the-chart popularity, He can be seen time-and-again sabotaging His opportunities and alienating potential followers. Here are a few areas where a good marketing coach would have done things differently:

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