Pits, Potiphars, and Prisons

pas21Isn’t it ironic that even the most debase among us demand justice? Doesn’t it irritate you when you read or hear a bad guy say something like, “You killed my brother, now your family is going to die?” He seems to totally ignore that his brother killed a bunch of innocent people and was planning to blow up the world. In the bad guy’s mind justice is all about what personally affects him. Continue reading “Pits, Potiphars, and Prisons”

Sinner to Saint in 30 Minutes or Less

Close up of a young african sportsman adjusting smartwatchA quick survey of the societal landscape provides mounting evidence that we are living in a post-Christian culture. Every day a virtual flood of secularism, atheism, humanism, hedonism, and a plethora of other “isms” assault our spiritual immune systems and work to infect us, our families and our churches.

Dr. Pete Sulack says, “Germs don’t make you sick, weakened immune systems make you sick.” The same can be said about culture. Culture cannot infect us if our spiritual immune system is strong. If it is weak, however, there are a vast number of ways we find ourselves in spiritual decline. Continue reading “Sinner to Saint in 30 Minutes or Less”

The Atheist Omelet

Disclaimer: The following story is in no way intended to demean or trivialize the faith of atheists. Not only do I personally enjoy the privilege of living in a country founded on the idea of free thought, God Himself grants it through what church people like to call “free-will.” I understand the hyper-simplicity of the story. It is metaphorical and not intended to exhaustively explore views of causality, quantum-physics, or any other scientific or philosophical discipline. If nothing else is achieved by the story, it is my hope that by the end, you will at least consider that the atheistic view of God requires more faith than the Christian one. Now, on with the story.

egg_fkvrevKOOn a hot summer day in Georgia, a jet-black Labrador Retriever named Chance awakened from his nap to the clucking of a barnyard chicken who had ventured too close. Chance let out a loud bark and shot after the chicken with a vengeance. He was moving so fast, that the snap of the chain barely slowed him down.

The chicken clucked and flapped frantically trying to get away from the violent K-9. Using her limited wing capacity, she pushed herself as high into the air as she could and was able to clear a large rock. Just as she flew over the rock, she dropped an egg which fell onto the rock breaking perfectly in half depositing its contents on the rock as the two halves of the shell fell to either side.

Continue reading “The Atheist Omelet”

Nahushtan: When Blessings Turn Into a Curse

SnakeEverybody wants a blessing! I don’t know of anyone who goes to a minister, or a witch for that matter, and says, “Please curse me.” Everybody I know is looking for a blessing not a curse – including me.

The problem is that when we become discouraged or depressed, it is easy to get caught up in behaviors and attitudes that lead to curses instead of the blessings that we desperately seek. When we want, and need, a blessing the most is the very time that we are most likely to head in the other direction and end up in the middle of a full-fledged curse. Continue reading “Nahushtan: When Blessings Turn Into a Curse”