A Word About God

faith-507810_1280It’s a huge risk! I could lose half my readers in the very first paragraph of this blog. But, still, I have to say it! THEOLOGY! I know that many people avoid that word like the plague, but the truth is, you are already learning and practicing theology every day of your life – even when you don’t know it. The important questions are, what is the brand of theology? Is it correct?

The mind is an interesting contraption. It gathers input from all sorts of stimuli including sights, sounds, smells, touch, and even how we feel about a particular experience. Psychology has long ago shown that all animals – including humans – will tend to be attracted toward things that are pleasurable while avoiding things that are painful. Unlike other animals, however, human beings are able to see a much bigger picture – assuming we choose to. We are smart enough to know that just because something feels good doesn’t mean we should do it. Most of us have also learned this lesson through experience.

The word theology is derived from two Greek words, Theos meaning God, and Logos meaning word. Simply put, theology is a word about God. It is the way we think about and view God. This paradigm affects the choices we make and the way we choose to live our life even when we don’t realize it.

In way of example, many folk have had bad experiences with their earthly fathers. As a result, when they hear about Father God, they instantly conjure negative images. Although a little exposure to the broader world reveals that not all fathers are same, and many of them are wonderful, this intellectual knowledge is often not enough to overcome the emotional experience. Don’t worry God is a good Father, and He is patient.

Add to the negative experiences of family life, church hurt, betrayal, etc., the ideologies of the class room, media, and the people around us, and you can easily see how you are constantly being bombarded by ideas about who God is, even when you’re not trying. Since the nature of God is THE most important question to be answered before exiting this life, let me encourage you to question the currents that are sweeping you along. Instead, engage in an intentional study and search of God. Don’t leave such an important question to chance.



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