Another Reason To Be Grateful

GratefulI know it feels good sometime to throw ourselves a little pity party. The biggest problem for me is hardly anyone shows up, and the ones that do, don’t usually stay long.

As prone as we may be at times to focus on the negatives, it really is bad for us all the way around. Gratitude on the other hand, not only helps us to win friends and influence people it also helps us in every other area of life. Studies have shown that people who thought about, and wrote down, what they were grateful for benefited in numerous ways including:

● Felt better about life in general

● More Optimistic / Enthusiastic

● More Energetic

● More Determined

● More Focused

● More Joyful

● Felt stronger when handling challenges

● Exercised more

● Had fewer illnesses

● More Sleep

● More progress toward goals

● More likely to help others

● Perceived by others as more generous

● Less envious of others who had more

● Lives were less cluttered

● Had Clearer Thinking

● Had better resilience in tough times

● Had higher immune response

● Less likely to be plagued by stress

● Lived Longer

● Had closer Family Ties

● Had Greater Faith and felt closer to God

So for all of us who take medications and supplements, here is a free, simple and easy way to improve our lives by simply changing our focus.

Thank you so much for reading 🙂

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