The Atheist Omelet

Disclaimer: The following story is in no way intended to demean or trivialize the faith of atheists. Not only do I personally enjoy the privilege of living in a country founded on the idea of free thought, God Himself grants it through what church people like to call “free-will.” I understand the hyper-simplicity of the story. It is metaphorical and not intended to exhaustively explore views of causality, quantum-physics, or any other scientific or philosophical discipline. If nothing else is achieved by the story, it is my hope that by the end, you will at least consider that the atheistic view of God requires more faith than the Christian one. Now, on with the story.

egg_fkvrevKOOn a hot summer day in Georgia, a jet-black Labrador Retriever named Chance awakened from his nap to the clucking of a barnyard chicken who had ventured too close. Chance let out a loud bark and shot after the chicken with a vengeance. He was moving so fast, that the snap of the chain barely slowed him down.

The chicken clucked and flapped frantically trying to get away from the violent K-9. Using her limited wing capacity, she pushed herself as high into the air as she could and was able to clear a large rock. Just as she flew over the rock, she dropped an egg which fell onto the rock breaking perfectly in half depositing its contents on the rock as the two halves of the shell fell to either side.

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The Failed Priesthood

adult-1869621_1920When modern Christians think of the Priesthood, many imagine long robbed old men with long gray hair and long gray beards standing in front of a huge altar with smoke rising from a fresh sacrifice. The image that most contemporary Children of God fail to see, is one that is far more important; it is the image of ourselves walking out our daily lives in harmony with the Holy Spirit.

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The Muslim Jesus – Part 1

bibleMost of you probably already know that Muslims believe in Jesus, but do you know the differences between what they believe about Him and what Christians believe?

While many seem to believe that Islam and Christianity are pretty much the same, there are actually very marked differences that people – especially believers – should understand if they are to make an honest assessment of their beliefs.

Here are several beliefs about Jesus and how they compare and contrast between Christianity and Islam:

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Some Confusion about the Apocalypse

explosion-123690__340The Apocalypse has been the subject of fascination by Bible students, Hollywood and many in between. Unfortunately there are many misconceptions about the “End of Days” that are way off base when compared to what the Bible actually has to say. Here are a few common misconceptions to help stir your intellectual juices:


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Is Greece A Sign of the End?

GreeceAs Greece dances in the streets, the world teeters on the brink of financial and political collapse. Irresponsible and narcissistic impulses have seemingly seized control of the nations financial system and correspondingly our world economy.

I watched in horrified amazement this week as the people of Greece celebrated their recent electoral decision to stick their collective tongues out at their creditors. In some ways they are like little Oliver Twist holding out their beggar hands saying, “Please sir, may I have some more.” The biggest difference is that the people of Greece are not saying “please.”

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Are We Living in the Last Days?

endDo you believe that the world has changed dramatically in a short period of time? Does it make you nervous? Do you think it is a sign that we are living in the “end times?”

The concept of “last days,” exists in Judaism, Christianity and even Islam. Each of the big three believe that a time of great turmoil will come which will lead to the eventual establishment of a global kingdom led by God.

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