Some Confusion about the Apocalypse

explosion-123690__340The Apocalypse has been the subject of fascination by Bible students, Hollywood and many in between. Unfortunately there are many misconceptions about the “End of Days” that are way off base when compared to what the Bible actually has to say. Here are a few common misconceptions to help stir your intellectual juices:


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ChurchIs the Christian Church prospering or is it falling apart? Depending on who you listen to or which statistics you study it appears that it could go either way.

Those of us who deeply love the Church, can take great solace in the fact that this is not – as they say in Texas – our first Rodeo. There have been many times throughout history where all hope seemed lost. Gnosticism, the Nicolaitans, the political takeover of the church by the Romans, the crusades, the inquisitions, the indulgences of the middle ages, church splits and the list goes on. Continue reading “”

Big Mouth Christians

Big Mouth HippoIn the quintessential definition of rebellion, much of modern American culture appears to be tolerant of everything EXCEPT the traditional morals and values of our ancestors.

What was once considered obvious common sense is now labeled “out of touch”, “antiquated”, “bigoted” and “hateful”. 

From protests to Nightly News and Social Media, some members of our communities are increasingly being told to keep their big mouths shut. The rhetoric is mind-numbing. Continue reading “Big Mouth Christians”