Debilitating Demons that Detour Your Destiny – Part 2


“Why has the LORD brought us to this land to fall by the sword, that our wives and children should become victims? Would it not be better for us to return to Egypt?” Numbers 14:3 (NLT)


Last week we looked at the atmosphere of complaint and unbelief that allowed demonic spirits to detour the destiny of God’s people for thirty-eight years. An entire generation of people would have to die before Israel would once again have the opportunity to enter their Promised Land. Notice, I didn’t say, “God’s Promised Land,” I said “their” Promised Land. God had already given them the land. The only thing they had to do was cross the river and take possession.

Instead of stepping into God’s promise, the children of Israel worried about what was on the other side. They began to complain and talk about the yeabuts. No, yeabuts is not a deep theological term from the Greek or Hebrew, it is something we are all familiar with. It’s what comes out of our mouth when we begin to allow fear to guide us rather than faith in God. It’s what happens when God speaks a word of promise into our life and we say, “yea – but…”  I’m sure you can fill in the blank. Demons love yeabuts! Yeabuts give these debilitating spirits a foothold into derailing God’s best for your life.

As we see into today’s scripture, one of the first yeabuts that the people vocalized was being killed and taken captive. Although God had promised them victory, they were talking about the worst that “could” happen. I believe that one of the evil spirits in play here was a spirit of entitlement. For two years, God had worked miraculously in the lives of the Hebrews. He sent plagues to force Pharaoh to let them leave Egypt; He gave them favor with their former captors so they would contribute valuable possessions; He gave them safe passage through the Red Sea and destroyed their enemy behind them; He led them with fire and cloud; He gave them Manna to eat and water to drink; He even kept their shoes from wearing out.

After two years of freebies, God suddenly told Israel that they were going to have to fight to possess the promise.   Though He promised to help them and had even assured their victory, they had become far too comfortable and complacent. They would rather go back to Egypt and be slaves, with certainty, than take a risk of faith and believe that God would bless their efforts with the land flowing with milk and honey.

Faith is never comfortable. It always demands more of us than we feel equipped to give. Without it however, we will never see the fullness of God in our lives. Without it is impossible to please him. (Heb. 11:6) If you are feeling too comfortable today, maybe it’s time to stretch your faith legs. Life was never meant to be too easy. Position yourself to fight for God’s promises even when it looks impossible.


Father, teach us how to work and fight for your promises when necessary. Don’t let us be satisfied with anything less than your best for our lives in every area, family, church, career, finances, health and more. Bless our readers today! In Jesus Name, Amen!

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