doubleagentsEven after all these years, there is a clear image in my mind of the Nuclear Radiation symbol that adorned the stairwell of my elementary school. I vividly remember the drills where we were told to get under our desks or to walk quickly to the fall-out shelter in the basement of the building.

During the cold-war, these events were the norm for children all across America. We lived under a very real threat that the Soviet Union or one of its allies could launch nuclear missiles at any time. Growing up a little over one-hundred miles south-west of the nation’s capital and less than two-hundred miles north-west of the largest Navel Station in the world, made us very aware of our potential as collateral damage in a nuclear exchange.

Another huge part of the cold-war were the spy stories. Sometimes spies were double-agents who secretly worked for the Soviets while being paid to work for the United States. Ironically most of these double-agents were – at least initially – not eager participants. Rather than being driven by ideology, most were driven by self-interest.

Usually it started with something simple. Nothing too big, just a little compromise. Before they knew it, they were in deep with no way out other than to continue or confess. Whether it was money, sex or some other motivation, these individuals became progressively more entangled with the enemy.

The same thing happens today with Christians. A little compromise here a little one there, and before you know it, an otherwise good person is far from the character they intended. Like the enemies of old, our spiritual enemy uses these double-agents against us to frustrate our mission and sow distrust and disunity within the ranks.

Here are a few danger signs in the world of spiritual double-agents:

1. More concern for self than others

2. More focused on worldly things than godly ones

3. Highly critical of church leaders and church in general

4. Justification of pet sins

5. Involvement in activities known to be displeasing to God

6. Rebellion / lack of submission to spiritual authority

7. Comparing life and actions to others instead of God’s standard

8. Preoccupation with God’s grace to overlook disobedience

9. Uncomfortable around godly people

10. Preferring secular music to Christian music

11. Resisting discipleship

12. Avoiding Bible reading / sermons that are uncomfortable

13. Thinking that many Christians are too radical, weird or fanatical

14. Speedy rejection of teaching or instruction without researching it in the Word

While a person may exhibit a few of these signs without necessarily being a double-agent, we should question the presence of even one.

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