Fast Forward 2018

FFP2In our series Fast Forward 2018, we are looking at how the law of opposite actions a.k.a. “Jesus Judo” can be used to turn the devil’s attacks against him.

Between the 4th and 6th century, a list of seven Christian virtues and a list of seven deadly sins were compiled and widely adopted into the Christian faith. If you want to overcome sin you must act on the opposite virtue.

In part 1, we began with the first virtue – Chastity – and its opposing sin – Lust.

In part 2, we discussed the second virtue – Temperance – and its opposing sin – Gluttony.

Take time this week to review part 1 and part 2. Next week we will continue looking at specific teachings on how to overcome evil with good – in your personal life and in the culture.

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Selah! (Think on these things)

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