Greater Vigilance

person-691297_12802017 is upon us and the stakes have never been higher. Despite President Obama’s mocking put-down of presidential contender, Mitt Romney’s warning about Russia in 2012 – with his famous, “Governor the 80’s called and want their foreign policy back.” – it does indeed appear that the threat is a real one. Russia is manipulating the Middle-East, Europe and even possibly the US. China is flexing its muscles in the Pacific, and Islamic extremists continue to wreak havoc and instability throughout the world.

Unlike the fear-filled, overly cautious and extreme approaches of Reservations and Internment Camps that were historically and shamefully used as protection against perceived enemies in the past, this time the pendulum appears to swing too far in the opposite direction. We have ignored the threats of our enemies and have created policies to accommodate their values.

While current trends often generate warm and fuzzy feelings fostered by years of tax-payer funded indoctrination and Hollywood inspired narratives, our false sense of righteousness is not well-rooted in history or human nature. A quick review of the simple story of the Trojan Horse reminds us that what often seems a gift is in actuality a threat.

Modern multiculturalism is marketed with promises of enlightenment, acceptance, expansion of wisdom and much more. The bumper sticker is clear, “COEXIST”. Why can’t we all just get along? There are many positive elements of these ideas; Expanding our horizons and learning new things from new people is wonderful. We must be careful, however, that we do not destroy all of our filters. Despite the tenets of relativism, living in the real world teaches us that many things are in fact right or wrong.

If we sacrifice all morality to the god of relativism, are we truly prepared for the consequences? Should people with cannibalistic tendencies be allowed to eat our children? Should despotic dictators be allowed to carryout their blood-lust with the slaughter of untold numbers of innocents? To think otherwise is to judge another’s belief system and more importantly, believe you have a right to do so.

Simply stated, discernment, discretion, and moral judgment should not be reserved for the moments when the unthinkable is upon us. It should be exercised in the early stages before we give those who would kill, enslave and destroy, access to our homes, schools, businesses, churches, media and halls of power.


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