He Came

christmas-background-314802_1280Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you are healthy, happy and excited to spend time with loved ones as well as celebrate the greatest Gift ever given.

On Thursday, I plan to share some cool insights into some of the real reasons Jesus came, but right now I thought I would do something a little different.

I am currently working on the tracks for a brand new song that I plan to perform with my girls EVanna and Susan on Christmas Eve at our Candlelight Communion Service. I thought for today’s blog I would give you a sneak peek at the words. I hope you enjoy!



In the opulence of Heaven

God’s heart began to stir

When cries of desperation

from earth were clearly heard

He surveyed our situation

and did not hesitate

Without His intervention,

He knew death would be our fate



He searched though all the universe

A champion to find

Who was worthy to bring salvation

to all of human kind

When none was found to meet the need

Sadness filled the timeless span

But all at once someone stepped-up,

It was God, the Son of Man


He exchanged his royal finery

For a manger filled with hay

A chalice made of gold

Became a cup of clay

New life He gladly gave to us

Healing flowed at His command

When Satan claimed us as His Prize

Jesus offered His own hands


He came to save

He came to serve

He was the perfect, willing sacrifice

The union of Gold and Myrrh

He came to love

He came to give

In death He paid the ransom

So you and I could live

He Came


The true power of His coming

Was yet to be made known

The baby in the manger

Would regain His rightful throne

Though satan whipped and mocked Him

A thorny crown upon His head

He crushed sin, death, Hell, and the grave

When He rose up from the dead

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