How to Make Your Attitude Work for You

attitudeThere is a much better and more effective way to apply your positive attitude in a way that will actually yield results. Things do not happen because of a feeling, they happen because you know the rules and are willing to apply some hard work.

With all the Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) talk floating around the self-deception trap has never been easier to fall into. While a positive attitude is very important in pursuing your dreams, there is a point when it turns evil.

Just because someone posts, “God is going to make this the best year of your life.” on Twitter and everybody favorites or re-tweets it, does not make it true. The reality is, some of the people who read that tweet are probably going to have a terrible year. Some may even die.

But there is hope. A good attitude CAN help you reach many of your dreams and WILL absolutely make your life better if you understand how it really works.

Here are a few things you may want to consider before applying PMA:

1. Attitude Does NOT Fix Everything

A positive attitude can increase your odds of success and even take you over the top in many areas, but it doesn’t fix everything. If you are 4.5 feet tall, 85 year-old, paraplegic, all the attitude in the world is not going to make you an NBA Basketball star. Why not invest that positive attitude into something that has a better chance of succeeding. Grandma Moses was 76 when she finished her first painting. Be realistic about your dreams and go for the ones with the best opportunity for success.

2. Attitude Does NOT Break the Rules

A good positive attitude can help you overcome your fears, motivate you to do what needs to be done and help you feel better about yourself. It will not change the fact that you still have to work. While there are a miniscule few that may win the lottery, it is eye-opening to realize that almost all of them are flat broke within just a few years. Because they never learned and followed the rules about money, they weren’t allowed to keep it for long. When you have the dream, make a plan. When you have the plan, start working it.

3. Saying it Is NOT doing it

There is power in our words, no doubt about it. But words may also be a hurdle to real action. Studies have shown that when people talk about what they are going to do, they get the same reward feedback from the brain as actually doing it. In essence, when someone talks about what they are going to do, their brain rewards them and there is no longer enough psychological reward in actually completing the goal. To fix this, stop talking and start doing.

4. Success Odds are Enhanced with a Partner

Research shows that success is easier and more likely when you engage a coach or partner. Find someone who will provide you with Support, Encouragement and Accountability (SEA). There is something very powerful about having someone who will hold your feet to the fire when things get a little hot. To fail no longer means simply disappointing yourself, but has the added motivation of making sure you don’t let your coach or partner down.

While many more points could certainly be added to the above list, these are some of the most essential in moving from mere talk to a powerful walk. IF you follow them, I know you will be blessed!

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