I Am Thankful

First for a God who loves me
Despite my many flaws
He’s always just a prayer away
Whenever I may call

For Christ who died for all my sins
That I might live life free
Not time spent mediocre
But lived abundantly

For His Spirit who is with me
In life’s journey every day
My Guide and source of comfort
Whatever comes my way

I am thankful…

For a wife that shares my days and nights
In all life’s give and take
A loving partner in every way
In joy and in heartache

For girls who love their Mom and Dad
With hearts of purity
They enlighten me to the love of God
In absolute surety

For a home that though not perfect
Is a refuge from the storms
It’s a place that to both body and soul
Is peaceful safe and warm

I am thankful…

For friends that keep life interesting
Intellectual and fun
With flair to change a night of rain
Into a day of sun

For my wonderful church family
Sharing spiritual dreams and goals
Endeavoring to change the world
Our lives becoming scrolls

For a country that though is challenged
Remains a city on a hill
To all who seek out liberty
And a place for hopes fulfilled

I am thankful…

For opportunities to share myself
In talents and in deeds
Contributing to community
With prospects to succeed

For those who went before me
And carefully carved the way
I am a living legacy
Of things for which they prayed

For those who will go after
The continued heritage
For Contributions they have yet to make
The hopes, the dreams the pledge

I am thankful…

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