Inspiring Facts about the Mother of the Methodists

rockerSusanna Wesley (1669-1742) is probably best known as the Mother of John the great Preacher and Charles, the great Songwriter. She is one of the most powerful women in history. Though she never preached an official sermon, she is known as the Mother of Methodism.

Her daily routine would wear out many of the strongest among us. Her tenacity and discipline were the foundational building blocks of what would eventually become one of the largest church movements in history.

Here are a few facts about this incredible lady for us to ponder and be inspired by:

  1. She was born to a pastor, the youngest of 25 siblings
  2. She gave birth to 19 children including 3 sets of twins
  3. 9 of her children died as infants including one the maid accidentally smothered
  4. She had no advanced education yet homeschooled her children, even the girls which was not encouraged at the time
  5. Her Pastor/Husband once left her for over a year because of a political disagreement
  6. During his absence she took on spiritual and teacher roles
  7. She scheduled conversation time with each child each week
  8. All but 2 of the children learned the entire alphabet on first day of class at age 5
  9. Each child studied 6 hours per day, Greek, Latin and Classic literature
  10. She wrote important and helpful curricula
  11. She spent some time in jail for failure to pay one of her parishioners
  12. Money was a constant struggle
  13. She lost 2 homes to fire
  14. John was rescued at the last minute from a 2nd story window (“A brand plucked from the fire”)
  15. When fill-in pastor was weak Susanna held home bible studies out of concern for congregants
  16. She sang then read one of her father’s or husband’s sermons and sang a song.
  17. Bible study grew to over 200 while church attendance dwindled
  18. She wrote meditations and scriptural commentaries
  19. She spent an hour each day in prayer, scripture and meditation by sticking an apron over her head to let the kids know it was God time
  20. She encouraged all of her children to follow after God and succeed in His call upon their lives – they did!

Let’s close with a few words from this great woman of faith, “Help me, Lord, to remember that religion (Christianity) is not to be confined to the church… nor exercised only in prayer and meditation, but that everywhere I am in Thy Presence.” – Susanna Wesley

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