Leadership 101

reflectionAs we prepare to move into new roles and responsibilities, it is important to take time to step back and reflect on the kind of person we are going to be. It is a time to not only evaluate our expectations, but also to set boundaries and solidify our core values – and to make sure that our actions line up.

Although we are not certain when David composed the one hundred and first Psalm, most scholars agree that it was at a time of transition in his life – he was walking through an important threshold of leadership advancement. Perhaps he was ascending to King, or perhaps he was preparing for leadership in the wilderness.

In eight short verses, David declares his commitment, not to what he is going to do, but who he is going to be. Take a minute to read Psalm 101 now. Don’t worry I’ll wait…

In brief – and hopefully memorable – format, here is what David says:

I Will Sing:

  • · Of Loving kindness: The many ways God shows His love to us
  • · Of Justice: God has a right to judge and I will honor and respect that
  • · Praises: from the Hebrew “zamar” which means, “Make music to God”

I Will Live:

  • · Blameless: Above reproach
  • · With Integrity (even at home)

I Will Turn Away From:

  • · Worthless things that diminish my value
  • · Work of those who reject / hate You
  • · Gripping things that infect me
  • · Perversion: Things that turn or twist my heart
  • · Wrong Teaching: Things that teach me about evil

I Will Stay Away From and Actively Resist:

  • · People who secretly slander others
  • · People who are prideful & arrogant

I Will Keep Company With:

  • · Faithful / Supportive people
  • · Blameless people with high integrity

I Will Disassociate From:

  • · Deceitful people
  • · Lying people

I Will Make a Daily Habit of:

  • · Stopping the wicked (evil/lawbreakers)
  • · Cutting off people who cause harm

So there it is in a neat little package. Leadership 101 from Psalm 101. While I’m sure each of us could add other things to this list, imagine how different the world would be if we just practiced these.


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