Let’s Pray!

letsprayBack in January I attended a prayer conference with leaders from multiple denominations. It was a powerful life-changing event. Unlike so many prayer meetings where most of the time is spent in teaching or even idle chit-chat we did something amazing – we prayed! We prayed individually, we prayed in small groups and we prayed together corporately.

We spent time in prayer asking forgiveness for our short-comings, we spent time praying for each other and we spent time asking God to prepare us for the days ahead. It was during this conference that I had the tremendous opportunity to see an early screening of the movie War Room and learned that it would be released in the fall.

During this time, my church was involved in 40 days of fasting and prayer. Other church leaders I spoke with were doing the same or similar. It was obvious to us, that God was building a template for 2015. It was to be a year of prayer and preparation. I had tremendous anticipation for the fall when War Room would be officially released in theaters across the nation and the cumulative efforts of a Church engaged in prayer would begin seeing results – which we are! This year I have witnessed marriages restored, work-places transformed, people healed and relationships with God mended. I personally sense God in new ways as never before.

When God’s people begin to move into His favor, the enemy will always rise up. It’s not that he is not always lurking in the shadows, but why would he make himself known if everything is already going his way. It is far easier to slip a little poison in your morning Java than to face you head on – especially when you are not threatening his plans. But when you begin to move in God’s purposes, the enemy gets nervous. He then begins his terrorist tactics to frighten you into retreat. Make no mistake Saints, the enemy seeks to steal, kill and destroy ALL of the time. If you are not seeing his handiwork it is simply because he is in hiding.

We are now witnessing the rise of the enemy in terrorism against Christ and His Church. Whether it is Matt Fagerholm’s snarky, pompous and condescending September review of War Room or recent media and political calls that prayer is ineffective and hypocritical [Read More Here]. Is it any surprise that with God’s emphasis on prayer that the enemy would stage an all-out assault against it. If anything, I believe he is overextending his hand to the point of humorous absurdity. If he is against it, then we should be running toward it with all our might.

Let’s pray!

U R Blessed!


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