Love is in the Air

LoveIsInTheAirHave you ever witnessed an elderly couple who remain noticeably in love after many years together? Despite the ravages of age, failing health and lack of vigor, there is something spiritual about the way they look into each other’s eyes and hold one another’s hand. Why do they seem more in love today than ever?

I have great news! What these couples share, is available to everyone who is willing to work for it. The process for developing a lasting and meaningful relationship is like the four seasons:

Spring: Spring is the season of flowering love. Men and women connect, they learn about one another. They want to spend as much time together as they can. They plant the seeds of love and watch them grow. It is an exciting time, filled with promise and joy.

Summer: After the seeds are planted and the early work of planting is finished, the excitement of spring begins to wane and the hot arid heat of summer begins to beat mercilessly down on the soil of our relationships. If we are not careful to water, weed and nourish it, the new plant will die without producing fruit.

Fall: Harvest is a celebratory time. The planting of spring and cultivating of summer pay off with great reward. We experience the fruit of our labor. Our combined efforts have revealed that two really are better than one. We offer Thanksgiving to God for our relationship and the resulting blessings. We gather our crops, storing, canning and freezing for the future.

Winter: While some winters may be easier than others, winter is usually a time where we have to live off the work of the other three seasons. The cold and bareness of winter can make us feel disconnected and unproductive. Though we may not feel like it, winter is the time we need to huddle together for warmth and comfort. It can in-fact be a wonderful time to grow closer. With a little effort, Spring is just around the corner.

So what about those elderly love birds? Why are they more in love today than when they first met and married? Because every line, wrinkle and gray hair is a visual record of the many wonderful seasons spent together.

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