Love Wins

couple-260899_1280Love is exceedingly greater and infinitely deeper than the trivial hash-tags and memes that permeate our social-media culture. It is far more important than the puppy dog eyes, and instant connection we witness in the fantasy world of entertainment. Love is far more than a feeling. Love is far greater than action. Love is a person.

1 John 4:8 is clear, “God is love”. Everything good and perfect emanates not from human society, and certainly not from human feelings. All good things emanate from our Heavenly Father. Love, like everything else in the universe, can only be properly viewed in the light of God’s character. Love without God is like currency from a failed government. It is a counterfeit that lacks the authority to back up what is promised.

In modern culture, people seek after their mental image of love. It is as if we have returned to pagan beliefs in Aphrodite, Amor, Astarte, Cupid, Eros, Hathor, Ishtar, Venus and dozens more gods and goddesses that people believed would provide them with their hearts desires for love and family. These demons and the many that came before and after them conveyed the belief that love could be found in sexual activity that denies God’s carefully designed plan for humanity.

In the very beginning of human existence, God divided man into two parts (male and female.) Each part fully and completely complimented the other. He showed them how they could come together physically, mentally and spiritually for perfect unity. It was the perfect example of God’s own unity and the closest thing on earth to experiencing Heaven. (Genesis 2)

When Adam and Eve sinned they lost the perfect connection, and people throughout the generations have struggled to find it again. We know deep within our DNA that we were made for it, and are frustrated that it remains so illusive. (Genesis 3)

If we are to return to perfect human love, we must begin with God’s perfect design. Anything less will leave us empty and unfulfilled. Love absolutely does win, but not until we realize that it is not Love that is God, rather it is God who is Love.



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