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tie-690084_1920If you are anything like me, there never seems to be enough hours in the week to get everything on the To Do List completed. Sure, some of this is because I am a big dreamer, but many times, however, I fall short of my goals because I fail to properly engage the help around me.

While employers, managers and organizational leaders often have paid and/or volunteer staff to help get the job done, some do not have that luxury. Even those of us that are blessed to have a great team of people around us, often have elements of our life that need to be done outside of that staff structure.

For example, perhaps you are working a side business where you are currently flying solo or perhaps there is no one on your team that is skilled in the task that you need accomplished. This is where we can learn something from companies who have “right-sized” and from successful entrepreneurs.

One of my favorite professors from Grad School, Dr Sam Chand, often reminded us that we should hire to our weakness. There are things that each of us love and do well and there are other things that we do our best to tolerate as we grit our teeth and fight through. We should partner with people who are great at things where we are weak.

While putting up with the bad side of the job may sometimes be necessary, there are many opportunities where contracting someone else for the task is a far better choice. Taxes, for example, are an area that I have fussed with for years. Owning my own businesses and being a Pastor make my taxes extra challenging. But to save money (I thought) I made the whole family miserable while I did my best to keep up with the latest changes to the tax code.

Finally, one year I made a mistake that I just couldn’t figure out how to fix. I worried about it for days, talked to everyone I thought could give me advice, and just became more stressed and frustrated. At the suggestion of a friend, I contacted a tax professional who got busy on my problem. When all was said and done, she had not only fixed my problem, but found me a big tax refund for things I had missed in previous years. Now, I just take everything to her, pay her happily for her time – and more importantly her expertise – and my home is a much happier place in April of each year.

In one way or another, I have worked in the business world for most of my life. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a Master’s in Leadership. There are a lot of things I can do. I can file, organize, make a computer sing, and much more. These are not my passions however. I would much rather be speaking, singing, writing music, blogs and books, coaching clients, and developing strategies. Needless to say I can’t do it all.

A while back, I met someone who was just as crazy about all that administration stuff as I am at the things I enjoy. In the same way I was able to let someone better than me help with taxes, I found that this lady could free me from many of the organization and administrative tasks that I was tolerating. This has freed me up to do more of the things I am passionate about. I also found that I gain a lot of insight by getting her feedback on how certain projects can be better. As a Certified Lifeforming Growth Coach, Michelle is also talented in asking the right questions to get to the heart of the project and its needs.

A few years ago, this talented young lady left the corporate world and set out on her own as a Virtual Assistant. Utilizing online technology and project management tools, she comes alongside business and organizational leaders no matter where they are located to help them accomplish their goals by offering her administrative and organizational expertise and experience. So today, I enthusiastically submit Michelle M. Thompson to all of you who need emancipation from arduous administrative tasks so you can fulfill your vision. You will find her rates very reasonable. Just don’t take too much of her time, I still need her too. 🙂

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