Reflection on “The Case for Christ” Movie

photo-1886443_1920Although Resurrection Day 2017 is now behind us, the resurrection of Jesus the Christ remains central to the everyday lives of His followers. The death, burial and resurrection of Christ is proof of God’s promises in ancient scripture and the modern reason for our future hope. The Apostle Paul was so adamant about the centrality of the Resurrection to the Gospel that he said, “… if Christ is not risen, then our preaching is empty and your faith is also empty.” (1 Corinthians 15:14). This is one of the many reasons I love the newly released movie, “The Case for Christ.”

Last weekend I took my beautiful family to the local movie theater and watched the compelling and moving true-life story of Chicago Tribune journalist Lee Strobel’s journey as a highly motivated Atheist committed to collapsing the façade of Christianity. A close friend had warned me to take tissues, and he was right. There were so many moving moments that pulled on my heart-strings time and time again.

Produced by the makers of the God’s Not Dead franchise, “The Case for Christ” has a distinct advantage over the other movies – it is real. Without spoiling the plot for those who have not yet seen it, let me simply say that the conflict is absolutely relatable to the Christian and skeptic alike. There is something that will resonate with everyone.

While I love a good high-energy feel-good movie like most people, this one is much more subdued and contemplative. So many faith movies over the years – like most church productions – are too simplistic for my taste. They seem to follow the line, Devil bad, God good, Person sinner, Person saved, Celebrate.

Christian plots often lack real-life representation of the great struggle most of us experience in our Faith journeys. The decision to follow Christ is not a simple or minor life-choice. Viewed correctly, it is life-changing and should not be entered into lightly. In this way, I feel that “The Case for Christ” excels over most faith-based media. Christ does not merely engage our hearts, as many critics would suggest. The architect and engineer of the Universe fully engages our mind as well. We are created in His image, reflecting both His emotions and His intellect.

In an artful and creative way, the movie takes viewers through Strobel’s investigation as he interviews experts in the fields of history, philosophy, religion, and medicine in the search for truth. While the facts are clearly articulated, most will not feel they are in a classroom, and the story line allows ample time to digest information while interjecting the heart and emotions of the journey.

The actors are superb! I must admit that many movies and television shows that I watch now days, leave me feeling disconnected. I don’t really care what happens to the characters. This is the not the case with this movie. I felt as though I was looking in on the lives of my friends and empathized with their painful and trying circumstances. I rooted for them and wanted them to succeed.

Although I could say much more, I encourage you to experience it for yourself. If you have questions or would like to engage the topic in more detail I would love to have that conversation. I can’t promise you will love the movie as much as I did, but I can tell you that my family, which covers ages 15 +, loved it. I hope you do as well.


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