Sex Games

SexGamesWith rogue nation states and terrorist groups wreaking havoc across the globe, the attentions of the American media is intently focused on the critical issue of which candidate’s wife would make the worst First Lady.

Even as death tolls rise with an estimated thirty killed in Brussels and another 70 killed by Taliban terrorists in Pakistan during their Easter attack aimed at Christians, the media and their sponsors are obsessed with stimulating the most vulgar of man’s instincts while promulgating rumors and innuendo.

While it is easy and popular to attack the media, it is also a dishonest pursuit. Media personalities make money based on a very simple formula – ratings. In other words, the news would quickly change if it wasn’t pulling in the viewers and correspondingly the sponsors. The ultimate responsibility for the state of our world lies with each of us.

The twenty-first century AD is not that different than the seventh century BC. Jeremiah gave up a career as a professional priest to become an outcast attempting to warn people of impending danger. The people ignored him. They preferred instead to listen to the bluster of the King and his people who said he could save them.

The nation of Judah had previously suffered many attacks with great losses, yet the people were obsessed with feel-good religion, sex, and encouraging speakers. They believed that the Temple and their reputation as a godly nation would somehow protect them. They mocked Jeremiah’s warnings and persecuted him – placing him in prison and a muddy cistern. One of the popular positive speakers of the day contradicted Jeremiah’s prophetic warning and was quickly celebrated by the people who wanted their lives of immoral depravity to continue unabated.

The duplicity of today would be ironically laughable if not for the seriously devastating potential to our children and grand-children. How can a person defend a picture of his wife in one breath and then turn around and accuse his opponent of trying to smear his wife with the same picture in another. This shows how relativistic our society has become. If the picture is truly admirable, it should be celebrated. If it is base, it should not. You can’t have it both ways. This is the very reason that – now as much as ever – we need to find safety in the anchor of God’s Word. And we must do more than hear it, we must live it!



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