Stressed Out! Part 1

stressedoutpt1Many modern folk wear stress like a badge of honor. They appear proud of the fact that their lives are too hectic and they stay stressed all the time. Even when they complain about feeling overtaxed, they appear to be looking for affirmation – as if constant stress is something to be admired.

Like so many things in our lives, stress has its benefits. It can push us to complete important deadlines and motivate us to make important life changes. It can provide the physiological factors needed to help us fight or escape when confronted with danger.

A surplus of stress however can be disastrous. The stress-associated hormone, Cortisol, causes serious harm when kept at high levels.

Today, we will take a look at some signs that indicate you may have too much stress related Cortisol. Next time, we will begin looking at easy, inexpensive and healthy ways to manage your stress and effectively lower dangerous Cortisol levels.

Signs you may have unhealthy Cortisol levels:

● Not sleeping well

● When you do sleep, you don’t feel rested

● Headaches / Backaches

● Catching colds and infections easily

● Weight gain despite healthy diet / exercise

● Unhealthy food cravings

● Low sex drive

● Nausea, heartburn, cramps, gastrointestinal issues.

● High anxiety

● Depression

Are you suffering from more than one of these symptoms? If so, stress may be an unhealthy factor in your life. Be sure to stay with me for the rest of this series to learn what you can do to minimize the impact of stress on your health and well-being.

Stay Blessed!


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