Foreshadowing Antichrist

foreshadowingJust this week, a mystery over two thousand years in the making has finally been answered. Not only does it validate biblical and historical legitimacy, it also serves as a harbinger that those who forget the past are often condemned to repeat it.

After searching for over one-hundred years, archaeologist in Israel have finally unearthed the Greek fortress Akra which dates to around 200 BC. According to the ancient historian Josephus, and the writings of the Maccabees, the stronghold was built by Antiochus IV (Epiphanes) to control the city of Jerusalem.

The additional uncovering of arrowheads, sling stones and other items also corroborates the authenticity of the Maccabean revolt. The revolt of the Maccabees – and the origin of Hanukah – has been disputed by many historians. This find serves as evidence that the stories are more than legends.

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Are We Living in the Last Days?

endDo you believe that the world has changed dramatically in a short period of time? Does it make you nervous? Do you think it is a sign that we are living in the “end times?”

The concept of “last days,” exists in Judaism, Christianity and even Islam. Each of the big three believe that a time of great turmoil will come which will lead to the eventual establishment of a global kingdom led by God.

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