Nahushtan: When Blessings Turn Into a Curse

SnakeEverybody wants a blessing! I don’t know of anyone who goes to a minister, or a witch for that matter, and says, “Please curse me.” Everybody I know is looking for a blessing not a curse – including me.

The problem is that when we become discouraged or depressed, it is easy to get caught up in behaviors and attitudes that lead to curses instead of the blessings that we desperately seek. When we want, and need, a blessing the most is the very time that we are most likely to head in the other direction and end up in the middle of a full-fledged curse. Continue reading “Nahushtan: When Blessings Turn Into a Curse”

Finding Happiness – Part 2

happiness2In part 1 of “Finding Happiness,” we talked about how the conventional (worldly) approaches to happiness are falling far short of their promises. I provided four practices that lead to happiness. If you haven’t had an opportunity to read the first part or need a quick review, you can find it here:

Finding Happiness – Part 1

Today we will conclude with four more ways you can discover more happiness in your life. Here they are:

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“We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Church”

12 Biblical Reasons Why We Still Need Church


churchAccording to polls, per capita church attendance may be lower than any time in American history. Has the church-age run its course? Is church no longer needed except for the occasional wedding, funeral or concert?

If God has anything to say about it – and He does – church attendance is as important as ever.

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