Easter Wars – Part 2

Easter Bunny & EggsHow did Passover become Easter? What’s with the Bunny and the Eggs? Is the day we celebrate really about Jesus’ Resurrection or something else entirely?

It is with great fear and trepidation that I begin this article as I am keenly aware of the strong emotional feelings on each side. I am reminded of the Biblical exhortation, “continue to work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.” (Phil 2:12) My goal, therefore, will be to present a quick survey of the facts and leave the “working out” to each of you. I will love you regardless of your decision. 🙂 Continue reading “Easter Wars – Part 2”

Easter Wars – Part 1

EasterWars1bWhat could be more cute than little girls and boys, dressed in their new spring clothes, gleefully hunting colored eggs? What could be more fun than those same girls and boys giggling joyfully at the site of an Easter Basket stuffed full of goodies on Easter morning? What could be more innocent than a day full of hope and warm feelings – and perhaps a special church service? Believe it or not, the day is far more controversial than you might imagine.

While the Resurrection of Jesus has apparently been celebrated since the very early days of Christianity, the form of celebration has taken some surprising turns along the way. Initially, the celebration was folded into the Jewish Passover. This seemed appropriate since Jesus had celebrated His last Passover supper with his disciples and had Himself fulfilled the promise of the Passover Lamb. Continue reading “Easter Wars – Part 1”