Nahushtan: When Blessings Turn Into a Curse

SnakeEverybody wants a blessing! I don’t know of anyone who goes to a minister, or a witch for that matter, and says, “Please curse me.” Everybody I know is looking for a blessing not a curse – including me.

The problem is that when we become discouraged or depressed, it is easy to get caught up in behaviors and attitudes that lead to curses instead of the blessings that we desperately seek. When we want, and need, a blessing the most is the very time that we are most likely to head in the other direction and end up in the middle of a full-fledged curse. Continue reading “Nahushtan: When Blessings Turn Into a Curse”

That Blessed Pope Water

waterblessingIn one of the more entertaining moments of the recent Papal visit to the United States, Representative Bob Brady absconded with the Pontiff’s partially used water glass following his speech before a joint-session of Congress.

According to various reports, Mr. Brady drank some of the water from the glass and then offered some to his staff. He then reportedly invited his mother and Senator Bob Casey to come dip their fingers in the water.

In responding to the bizarre incident, Rep Brady told the media, “Anything the pope touches becomes blessed, I think so and no one is going to change my mind.”

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Witchcraft In the Church

witchcraftchurchIs it possible that some who have accepted Christ, still dabble in the occult and witchcraft? Is it possible that some are doing it without even being aware?

It never ceases to amaze me when people who consider themselves “good Christians” – and go to church every week – still get caught up in pagan practices that are absolutely offensive to God.

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