Protesting Leviathan

Hellish demons are wreaking havoc in ways that I have not previously experienced. While they have surely been at work since the fall of satan, it seems they are more stirred than ever. They know their time is short and they are trying to make the most of it. Additionally, increased population and the speed of communication has made it easier than ever for the hordes of hell to spread their venom from coast to coast and continent to continent. Social Media assures that we have ample opportunities every minute of the day to engage our sinful natures and damage the hearts and minds of ourselves and others with our words and memes. Continue reading “Protesting Leviathan”

The Anatomy of Deception Part 1

sharpnose-snake-921688_1920Are there strategies and tactics the enemy uses when he attempts to deceive us? Are there ways in which we open ourselves to deceit? If so, are there ways that we can recognize those strategies and seal off those spiritual leaks?

Genesis 3:1-7 recounts the story of the temptation in the Garden of Eden. The serpent carefully and cunningly weaves his way into Eve’s imagination and opens her mind to a view of her world that is different than the one God had taught them. Continue reading “The Anatomy of Deception Part 1”