I Want to Be the German Shepherd

shepherdYou never know where life’s precious lessons are going to come from. More often than not, they come from observing the actions of others. In my case, my observations yesterday were not of people, rather they were of two dogs.

After helping my youngest daughter pick out a couple of bottom feeders for her aquarium, I queued up in the rather long line to checkout. I knew it would take a little while, and told both of my girls that they could look around if they wanted while I waited in line.

Amazingly, they found the kittens and birds more interesting than the line, so they left. In my crowded solitude, I began to look around at the people and animals nearby. A lady in front of me was holding the leash of a gorgeous, young German Shepherd – not quite a puppy, but far from fully grown. His body was perfectly posed and he looked down the aisle with a seemingly curious look on his face.

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