Don’t Lose Hope

outlook-2208932_1920What is Hope?

HOPE is a word that is often thrown around lightly: “I hope my plane is on time,” “I hope the Patriots win the Super Bowl,” “I hope the weather warms up.” It seems we spend a lot of time hoping for things we have little or no control over and little-to-no assurance that what we hope for is actually going to happen. Praise the Lord, our relationship with God doesn’t have to – be like this.

The kind of hope the Bible talks about is very different from the one above. In the Old Testament, the Hebrew word for hope is defined as “confidence, security and without care (no doubt)” In the New Testament, the word for hope denotes “trust”. Doesn’t that sound much better than the kind of hope most of our culture has?

“Unrelenting disappointment leaves you heartsick, but a sudden good break can turn life around.” – Proverbs 13:13 (MSG)

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The Foundation of Your Faith

medieval-castle-84336_1920There’s an old story that speaks to the heart of tradition and one of the challenges inherent with it.

One day a young girl was spending time with her mother learning how to cook. Wondering why her Mother cut the roast in half and cooked it in two pans, she inquired. The Mother thought for a moment and said, “I’m not really sure, that is the way my Mom taught me, so I have always done it that way as well. Let’s give Grandma a call and ask her.” Continue reading “The Foundation of Your Faith”

The Appalling New Threat

prayerIn the wake of the recent tragic deaths and injuries in Paris, Colorado, California and other locations, there appears to be a consensus building within a significant segment of the population. Public figures, news articles and blogs outline the outrageous behavior and call for a variety of solutions ranging from simply recognizing the activity as meaningless, to calling for an all-out cease and desist. So what is this alarming behavior that is of such great concern in these critical times? – Prayer! Continue reading “The Appalling New Threat”

Foundational Faith

foundationalRemember, there is only one foundation, the one already laid: Jesus Christ. Take particular care in picking out your building materials. Eventually there is going to be an inspection. If you use cheap or inferior materials, you’ll be found out. The inspection will be thorough and rigorous. You won’t get by with a thing. If your work passes inspection, fine; if it doesn’t, your part of the building will be torn out and started over.” (1 Cor 3:10-14 MSG)

Everywhere we turn, people are talking about faith. “You have to have faith,” or “Just have a little faith.” Self-help books, seminars, emails, television shows and websites all encourage us to believe for the impossible – as if believing is enough. The truth is a little more sophisticated. All the positive thinking in the world is not going to make a 4 foot 90 year-old woman the next NBA draft pick. Like currency, faith is only as good as the credibility of the authority that backs it up.

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Practicing Our Posture

posture1My heart is in anguish within me; the terrors of death have fallen on me. Fear and trembling have beset me; horror has overwhelmed me. I said, “Oh, that I had the wings of a dove! I would fly away and be at rest. (Psa 55:4-6 NIV)

Fear can cause us to respond to our environment in ways that are not positive. If we are not careful, it can derail our lives and hinder progress toward our destiny. There are three ways that people naturally respond when afraid: Fight, Flight or Freeze. Depending on the situation each response may be good or bad.

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Who’s Your Pastor?

whoisyourpastorWhen people begin referring to secular radio personalities as their Pastor, is it possible that something has gone askew in the Christian Faith?

I recently heard a few short minutes of a popular radio show. In those few minutes, two different callers called in to express their appreciation for the spiritual benefits they gleaned from the show.

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The Art of Infighting

fightingDid you know that there is large group of people who actually believe they are called by God to tear down other Christians and Christian Ministers?

I was shocked to learn that there is a whole classification of web sites whose sole purpose for existing is to call out ministers and ministries. They are called “Online Discernment Ministries” or “ODMs” for short.

In another blog, I have already addressed the need – and God’s desire – for unity among believers so I will assume we are good on that. That being said, I am more than a little confused that people are dedicating their lives to often-times minor doctrinal disputes or differences of opinions when their time could be used for something far more effective and fruitful.

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Unity of Faith

unityoffaithGod called me into the ministry when I was twelve. He used a passage of Scripture from the Old Testament and one from the New Testament. In the Old Testament, He used the Prophet Ezekiel to illustrate the seriousness and weightiness of the Call. From the New Testament, He used the prayer of Jesus (John 17) to reveal His heart for unity among believers.

From the time I was five, I have been blessed with the opportunity to sing and play music to Christians of many denominations. I have been honored to lead crazy Pentecostals and quiet Presbyterians, and most everyone in between. One of the many things God showed me through my experiences was that He has a lot of people earnestly desiring His presence even if they search for it in different ways.

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12 Scenes Where “Exodus: God’s and Kings” Misses the Mark

moses.exodusOkay, I know I am little late to the game, but Teri and I finally got a chance to see the DVD release of the latest Big Screen Moses movie. While the acting, production and direction were excellent, the storyline left a lot to be desired.

I understand creative license and the desire to create something unique and different. I even understand the drive to “fill in the gaps” where the historical record is silent. What I have never understood, or appreciated for that matter, is the need of some writers to change history in an attempt to create a more compelling story.

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11 Reasons Why Faith Is Not a Private Matter

privatefaithHow many times have you heard the refrain, “Faith is a private matter?” It has been repeated so often that it has become sacrosanct to many. The truth however is far removed from the rhetoric. It doesn’t matter how many times a lie is repeated or how profound it may sound, a lie is still a lie.

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