Shaking Off the Restraints

castingoffrestraintsOn my way into the office this morning I was listening to a couple of radio hosts talking about Saint Patrick’s Day. My initial thoughts went to a previous year’s blog that shared the phenomenal story of the real Saint Patrick and how he fought hard against the snakes (demons) of Ireland as he took the Gospel of Christ to his former slave masters and overall evil people of the land.

The male host then noted that for many years, alcohol was prohibited on St. Patrick ’s Day. It was a day to attend church and reflect on the pious life of God’s humble servant. The host went on to say that eventually “we casted off those shackles.” Continue reading “Shaking Off the Restraints”

Do You Need Favor?

camelsWouldn’t you love to meet someone who has the power and influence to radically change your life for the better? Have you ever hoped to be discovered and move toward the life of your dreams? The Bible lays out some principles you need to follow before that is likely to happen.

One of the most noted men in the Bible, and indeed in history, left his homeland and headed to a place he had never been. Although things weren’t always easy, he worked hard and trusted God. Eventually Abraham was wealthy, and was given children – in his old age – who could enjoy the fruit of his labor. His son Isaac was designated to carry the family name and the greatest blessings of God, but there was a problem. Continue reading “Do You Need Favor?”