Finding Happiness – Part 2

happiness2In part 1 of “Finding Happiness,” we talked about how the conventional (worldly) approaches to happiness are falling far short of their promises. I provided four practices that lead to happiness. If you haven’t had an opportunity to read the first part or need a quick review, you can find it here:

Finding Happiness – Part 1

Today we will conclude with four more ways you can discover more happiness in your life. Here they are:

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Another Reason To Be Grateful

GratefulI know it feels good sometime to throw ourselves a little pity party. The biggest problem for me is hardly anyone shows up, and the ones that do, don’t usually stay long.

As prone as we may be at times to focus on the negatives, it really is bad for us all the way around. Gratitude on the other hand, not only helps us to win friends and influence people it also helps us in every other area of life. Studies have shown that people who thought about, and wrote down, what they were grateful for benefited in numerous ways including:

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Where Does the Evidence Lead?

EvidenceAccording to a recent ABC poll, 83% of Americans currently identify themselves as Christian. According to your definition, how many of these do you think legitimately qualify for the title?

The Apostle Paul urged the congregants in Corinth to examine themselves in order to make sure they were “in the faith.” (2 Corinthians 13:5) This appeal was given in the context of an upcoming visit where he was concerned that he would have to call out sin in the membership. He was hopeful that they would get their lives right with God before his visit so that he could enjoy his visit with encouraging words instead of experiencing an unpleasant trip focused on harsh correction. Continue reading “Where Does the Evidence Lead?”

It’s Time to Pick a Side

pick.a.sideThe year is only a quarter finished and we have already seen a lifetime of conflict, scandal and downright fearful events. In the news right now, we have leaders trying desperately to work out a deal where our enemy will acquire nuclear weapons. I’m not being hyperbolic, I not talking about a perceived enemy or a possible enemy. I’m referring to a nation that is actually funding and arming our enemies as I write this. These folks have just recently stated publically that they will not stop until they see an Islamic flag flying over the White House. One of their own journalist defected during the meetings in Switzerland and warned us that we are being played. Continue reading “It’s Time to Pick a Side”

STOP! You’re Hurting the People You Love

StopIs it true? Are you really hurting the people who love you? Are you negatively affecting the very lives that have always been there for you – the ones who have loved you through thick and thin?

In an increasingly self-centered world, people often say, “Stay out of my business,” “What’s it to you?” or perhaps “I’m only hurting myself.” This is a radical departure from the social and cultural understanding of just a generation or two ago. Sure, there have always been those who were just out for themselves with the whole, “What’s in it for me?” mentality, but there was a time when that mentality was more the exception than the rule. For the most part, selfish individuals were ostracized by a society who understood the inextricable link we all share. Continue reading “STOP! You’re Hurting the People You Love”