Pits, Potiphars, and Prisons

pas21Isn’t it ironic that even the most debase among us demand justice? Doesn’t it irritate you when you read or hear a bad guy say something like, “You killed my brother, now your family is going to die?” He seems to totally ignore that his brother killed a bunch of innocent people and was planning to blow up the world. In the bad guy’s mind justice is all about what personally affects him. Continue reading “Pits, Potiphars, and Prisons”

Our Greatest Desire – Fulfilled! Part 1

GreatestDesire1It is the height of irony that the greatest preacher in our modern society is such as miserable failure at the one thing most people desire above all else.

From the silver screen to the mobile device, the entertainment industry churns out movies, specials, video games and documentaries touting their adept understanding on the most precious and mysterious emotion of all – love. People willingly trade their hard-earned disposable income for a few minutes of fantasy about relationships that often far exceeds their own hum-drum existence. Often these same people return home more disillusioned than ever and are reminded that their own love-life falls woefully short of the on-screen thrills.

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