Fast Forward 2018 – Jesus Judo Part 7: Humility & Pride

FFp4With the arrival of the last installment in the Jesus Judo series, we come to Humility and Pride. In case you have missed any along the way, all of the parts of this series along with hundreds of other teachings are on my website at To make sure you don’t miss any future blogs, please sign-up here.

In this series we have already looked at the first six of the ancient seven deadly sins and the corresponding seven Christian virtues: Chastity / Lust, Temperance / Gluttony, Charity / Greed, Diligence / Sloth, Patience / Wrath and Envy / Kindness. We also provided an Introduction to Jesus Judo and the Law of Opposite Actions at the very beginning. Today we finish up. Continue reading “Fast Forward 2018 – Jesus Judo Part 7: Humility & Pride”

Responding to the Moment

bible-1149924_1920While Democrats, Republicans, and also-rans work hard to dissect the implications of the recent elections, I hope that we as Christians do not spend so much time debating partisan politics that we miss the opportunity to evaluate our own recent behavior in the ever-penetrating light of Scripture.

In a pre-election blog, I wrote about my deep sadness over the political divides in the Church and the unchristian-like character that the election fights illuminated. My sadness continues in the post-election gloating and fear-mongering that I have seen from both our pulpits and our pews.

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The Power of Humility

humilityWhen Revivalist Glenn Cook heard the stories about the bazaar meetings across town, he was furious. How dare someone come into his town and begin meetings that quickly became far more popular than his own. “They must be in heretical!”

The meetings were odd to say the least. The leader – an African American son of former slaves with one blind eye – had traveled from Texas to Los Angeles. Almost as soon as he arrived, he was summarily fired by the church who hired him. He started meeting in a house, but destroyed the porch. He finally rented a converted stable with a dirt floor to hold meetings.

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