Protesting Leviathan

Hellish demons are wreaking havoc in ways that I have not previously experienced. While they have surely been at work since the fall of satan, it seems they are more stirred than ever. They know their time is short and they are trying to make the most of it. Additionally, increased population and the speed of communication has made it easier than ever for the hordes of hell to spread their venom from coast to coast and continent to continent. Social Media assures that we have ample opportunities every minute of the day to engage our sinful natures and damage the hearts and minds of ourselves and others with our words and memes. Continue reading “Protesting Leviathan”

Out of Isolation

blogger-336371_1920Unless you are an emotional and spiritual zombie, we all have moments that make us pause and contemplate life. I experienced one of those recently when a friend and fellow minister sent me a text stating that he had found his wife cheating on him – again.

In my experience, God usually prepares us for these moments. Just the morning before I learned the news, I was reflecting on how even though we are more connected than ever through technology, business and interest-centered organizations, the real us has perhaps never been more isolated and lonely. Even I must reluctantly admit, there are a lot of people who know me, but precious few who really KNOW me.

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