When You Cry Out for Help

woman-1006100_1920When you cry out to God for help, what do you expect? The way God responds may surprise you.

There was a time after God delivered Israel from Egypt into the promised land when they were harassed by the nation of Midian for seven years. The people of Israel hid in mountain clefts, caves and strongholds. Every time they planted crops, marauders from Midian and other places would attack them. They would camp out, destroy the crops, steal the sheep, goats, cattle and donkeys and leave the land stripped bare. The people of Israel became impoverished, destitute and on the verge of starvation. They finally began to cry out to God for help.

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What is God’s Nature?

nature1Modern spiritual leaders appear to be confused when it comes to the most important question they have to answer – The nature of God. Is He a God of love? Is He a God of Judgment? Can we know?

I once watched a lecture from a well-known university. Although the subject had no direct connection with theology, the Professor decided to venture there anyway. He advocated that the god of the Old Testament was a god of Anger and Judgment and that the god of the New Testament is a god of Love and Mercy. I’m not certain where his information came from, but many modern Christians seem to agree with him.

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