Prophets and Pharisees Part 2 of 5: Is this Kingdom or is this personal?

architecture-3171675_1920In Part 1, “Is it About God or is it About Me?”, we looked at how true prophets must always be concerned that their message is in line with God’s heart and purposes. As people of God, it is incumbent upon us to put God and His Kingdom first instead of ourselves. What does He want? How does it want it accomplished? To be truly effective, we need to die to ourselves, so that Jesus can come alive through us. Continue reading “Prophets and Pharisees Part 2 of 5: Is this Kingdom or is this personal?”

Cultural Misappropriations

fresh sunrise at mountain I sometimes find myself musing over what I am allowed to do nowadays. How do I avoid violating the new tenants of politically correct purity? I love Lasagna but ahime’ (alas), I am not Italian, I enjoy certain rap music, but I’m not from the hood. I do have a lot of Irish in me, but I don’t dance a jig, play the bagpipes or drink. Before you even suggest it, nobody wants to see my legs in a kilt.

One of the many great offenders of the modern politically righteous is Cultural Appropriation. For those who may not know, Cultural Appropriation occurs when someone from one culture says, does, or wears something that was originated by a different culture. Continue reading “Cultural Misappropriations”

Will This Be A Happy New Year?

happynewyear1We are now fully engaged in 2016. As I have prayed and contemplated all that is happening in the earth, I believe that God would have us be prepared for a year of contrasts and apparent contradictions.

Up front, and for the record, I am NOT offering a “Thus saith the Lord”. That kind of thing got people killed in the Old Testament and I would prefer to avoid a rock concert given in my honor.

At the same time, however, God has been faithful over the years to reveal many things to me – and others I have known – ahead of time. Have I ever missed it? Yes I have. Have I learned and grown from my mistakes? I hope so. The Apostle Paul illustrated our current understanding of God’s truth by the word picture of a dark mirror:

Continue reading “Will This Be A Happy New Year?”