Are You a Killer?

architecture-2179243_1920What would it take for you to push someone off a building to their death? Can small, seemingly insignificant compromises lead to horrible actions which you would have considered unthinkable a few choices before? Are there social pressures and psychological techniques that can lead you to abandon your most sacred moral values? These are some of the questions raised in Derren Brown’s Netflix special, The Push. Continue reading “Are You a Killer?”

Is Truth Dead

IsTruthDeadLast month, Time Magazine revisited their 1966 cover design where they asked, “Is God Dead?” This time the question, in the same red lettering on black background, was, “Is Truth Dead?” It is obvious to most of us that the execution of God by our culture would inevitably lead to the disappearance of truth.

Indeed, the murder of truth didn’t take place fifty-one years later, it happened the very moment that culture rebelled against the Sovereign God who is the very person of Truth. Like cut flowers, however, the full effect of the pruning would take some time before the beauty of truth faded and decayed.

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Double-Minded Voters

face-1370955_1920Why does it seem that otherwise intelligent people lose all sense of consistency when election time rolls around? How can people live by stringent core values only to apparently throw them out the window when the time comes to choose and defend a candidate? Believe it or not, it is completely predictable using basic psychology, and its effect is on full display this year.

Let me begin with a word of warning. If you aren’t careful, you could easily fall into the very trap I am describing, while you are reading this blog. Chances are, you will come across something that grates at your very core and makes you want to click the close button to quickly move on while discarding this blog as irrelevant. I challenge you to read all the way to the end and then decide if you are truly being consistent in your judgement.

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