Rising Above Ridicule

risingaboveJust in case we ever forget – which I’m sure we do not – the election cycle is certain to remind us of the power of ridicule. Every year the name calling and rhetorical slander gets worse and worse.

What astounds me, is how often two politicians can go head-to-head with each other, throwing some of the most abusive verbal mud-balls imaginable, and then end up supporting each other, or even running together, a few months later. It’s like a really bad version of Jerry Springer marries Oprah. With all the attention on bullying these days, you would think that these middle-aged and older “leaders” would grow-up.

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Repairing the Walls: Seven “R” things we must do

sevenRthingsWhile I understand that there are differing opinions, I personally do not believe that our nation, communities and  churches are headed in the right direction. Like other societies who have lost their way throughout history, we appear to be careening down the slippery slope that leads to economic calamity, moral depravity and spiritual emptiness. That being said, I do not believe that we are without hope. I believe there are ways to turn things around.

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