Where is Your Trust

trustGod’s heart was breaking! He looked with great sadness upon the people who had repeatedly rejected Him. Though He had freed them from slavery in Egypt, dried up the Red Sea for their escape from Pharaoh’s army,  provided for them through the wilderness and led them into their promised land, their hearts were stubborn and unyielding.

Like a husband who loves his wife deeply, God cried for them to turn back to Him. Though they had betrayed Him over and over again, He was willing to take them back and restore them to their former place of glory, but they would have no part of it.

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“We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Church”

12 Biblical Reasons Why We Still Need Church


churchAccording to polls, per capita church attendance may be lower than any time in American history. Has the church-age run its course? Is church no longer needed except for the occasional wedding, funeral or concert?

If God has anything to say about it – and He does – church attendance is as important as ever.

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It’s All About Me

itsallaboutmeAttending a Christian concert last week, I was struck with how much some of the artists used the words “I” and “me.” I know there are many songs over the centuries that have used these personal pronouns, but it seems that more than ever, the Church is incorporating the philosophies of Carl Rodgers and Dr. Spock (The Physician not the Vulcan) into its theology. Continue reading “It’s All About Me”

Can Jesus Trust You?

TRUSTHave you ever cared deeply for someone yet could not trust them? Have you poured your life into someone only to have them later betray you?  Have you ever considered that God sometimes has the same trouble with us?

Jesus traveled everywhere teaching people how to be reunited with God. He tirelessly ministered to their spiritual, emotional and physical needs. He healed the sick, raised the dead, and even fed the thousands when there was not enough food. Multitudes flocked to see the miracles and hear His teaching. People donated to His ministry and professed their unwavering love and devotion, yet He did not trust them. Continue reading “Can Jesus Trust You?”