Kavanaugh & Ford: Truthful Fiction?

nerve-cell-2213009_1920Is it possible that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is both lying AND telling the truth? Sound ridiculous? Read on.

While there have been too many theories flying around the past few weeks to keep track, I am surprised by what I haven’t heard. Is it possible that Judge Kavanaugh’s accuser may be honestly lying? Continue reading “Kavanaugh & Ford: Truthful Fiction?”

Truth is Only True When Its True

Multiethnic group of thoughtful people with laptops sitting and thinkingOne of the most notorious contributions of post-modernism to our time in history is the supposed relative nature of truth. By this argument, there should be no colleges or universities teaching cultural relativism, since – according to their espoused philosophy – life has no meaning and truth is at best unknowable or at worst non-existent.

Taking these premises to their logical conclusion, college, teaching, study and even the professors themselves are all meaningless. The very statement, “truth is relative,” would be relative. The statement, “there is no meaning,” would by its own subjective rules be meaningless.

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Is Truth Dead

IsTruthDeadLast month, Time Magazine revisited their 1966 cover design where they asked, “Is God Dead?” This time the question, in the same red lettering on black background, was, “Is Truth Dead?” It is obvious to most of us that the execution of God by our culture would inevitably lead to the disappearance of truth.

Indeed, the murder of truth didn’t take place fifty-one years later, it happened the very moment that culture rebelled against the Sovereign God who is the very person of Truth. Like cut flowers, however, the full effect of the pruning would take some time before the beauty of truth faded and decayed.

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The Source of Life

sunrise-1756274_1920In the 17th century, a French mathematician and philosopher asked himself a perplexing question, “Do I really exist.” After considerable thought, Rene’ Descartes concluded that since he was the one asking the question it was only logical that he must exist. After all, if he didn’t exist he couldn’t have asked the question. His summation, “Cogito ergo sum” translated, “I think therefore I am.”

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The Anatomy of Deception Part 1

sharpnose-snake-921688_1920Are there strategies and tactics the enemy uses when he attempts to deceive us? Are there ways in which we open ourselves to deceit? If so, are there ways that we can recognize those strategies and seal off those spiritual leaks?

Genesis 3:1-7 recounts the story of the temptation in the Garden of Eden. The serpent carefully and cunningly weaves his way into Eve’s imagination and opens her mind to a view of her world that is different than the one God had taught them. Continue reading “The Anatomy of Deception Part 1”

Improving the Truth

path-691233_1280Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life…” Does that mean He is always impressed when we tell the truth? Surprisingly, no. There are ways we can “improve on the truth.”

I was reading a rant on Facebook this morning that brought this “truth” to light. The person was chastising people who call themselves Christians, yet ignore the character flaws of Donald Trump. He went on to berate his readers for criticizing President Obama for character issues while ignoring those found in the man they supported.

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10 Reasons Churches Need to Tell the Truth

pastor-1847334_1920Several years ago, a large church informed a visiting choir that they would not be allowed to sing “Amazing Grace” as it portrays man in a lowly light. The successful church explained that their priority is to make people feel good about themselves and let them know how much they are loved and cared for by God. This methodology appeared to work well for them as they boasted thousands of members, millions in assets, and served host to some of the biggest stars in the ministry and secular markets.

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Lighthouses and Mixed Messages

lighthouse-168132_1920I love lighthouses. There is something fascinating about those tall towers that provide guidance and hope to travelers tossed around on the waves of the sea. Unbeknown to the casual observer, lighthouses do much more than serve as interesting tourist attractions and beacons of light.

Each individual lighthouse can be configured to emit a specific pattern of light that synchronizes it with navigational charts. Without any other instruments, sailors can determine their position simply by observing the light. Each lighthouse is also painted uniquely in case the light is not easily seen or is broken. And in the case of very poor visibility, a unique foghorn signal conveys the same unique information.

As the United Methodist Church (UMC) struggles with its spiritual identity, I can’t help but wonder if they have forgotten that they are called to be a lighthouse. In one of the most famous passages of scriptures, Jesus related the idea of the importance of our uniqueness:

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Easter Wars – Part 2

Easter Bunny & EggsHow did Passover become Easter? What’s with the Bunny and the Eggs? Is the day we celebrate really about Jesus’ Resurrection or something else entirely?

It is with great fear and trepidation that I begin this article as I am keenly aware of the strong emotional feelings on each side. I am reminded of the Biblical exhortation, “continue to work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.” (Phil 2:12) My goal, therefore, will be to present a quick survey of the facts and leave the “working out” to each of you. I will love you regardless of your decision. 🙂 Continue reading “Easter Wars – Part 2”

Debate Smackdown!

presidentIn a scathing rebuke of the main stream media,during last night’s Republican Presidential Debate, Senator Ted Cruz sparked a firestorm of controversy in today’s press. Cruz chastised CNBC’s moderator, Carl Quintanilla saying, “The questions that have been asked so far in this debate illustrate why the American people don’t trust the media.” [Audience Applause] He went on to say, “This is not a cage match.”

So what was Quintanilla’s alleged sin? Did his question really go over the top or was Cruz simply being too sensitive?

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