The Better of Two Futures

sunset-landscape-1149640_1920This election cycle is certainly one for the history books. I don’t know if there has been a more contentious campaign since Lincoln and Douglas just prior to the Civil War – and the mudslinging then, pales in comparison with today. If we are not careful we can easily get caught up in Donald’s (or Bill’s) sexual misconduct or the accusations of high-level interference with federal investigations against Hillary. At the end of the day, however, we are left with disappointingly few choices. At this point it appears to me that the most basic question is, “Which of these candidates will most likely yield the better future for our Nation?”

Whether we like it or not, nothing short of incapacity or national collapse will prevent either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump from becoming President of the United States next year. This means that for at least four years after this news cycle has faded into the archives, one of these candidates will be driving national policy concerning:

◆ Life for the unborn, the infirmed and the aged

◆ Bathroom and shower policies in our schools and other public places

◆ Family and Marriage

◆ Freedom of Speech / Religion

◆ Justice

◆ Supreme Court and the veracity of the Constitution

◆ National security

◆ Healthcare

◆ Economy

◆ Culture

◆ And much more

While it is easy to understand why so many are frustrated and conflicted, it is important to understand that a choice not to vote, is in fact a vote. It is also easy to understand why people might desire to express themselves by writing-in a candidate they can believe in rather than pick the “lesser of two evils.” While this is certainly better than silence, it will not move the needle of our national and collective future.

I honestly cannot tell you for certain what the future looks like with either of these candidates. I can only tell you that in the highest of probabilities, we will end up with one of them, and their statements, and their histories give us some indication of where things might head.

Other than prayer, I know of only one thing to do; Choose the candidate that you believe will most align with God’s heart on the most critical issues of our day. Speaking of prayer, let’s remember to humble ourselves and repent (2 Chronicles 7:14) and pray that our politicians do likewise.


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