The Search of True and Lasting Love

LoveFrom the Board Rooms of New York advertising agencies to school locker rooms, it is clear that we are all searching for true and lasting love. Billions of dollars, yen, sterling and other currencies trade hands every year in hopes that a product or service will somehow be the key to this elusive and priceless heart-cry.

In the process of this search, we have all been sold a bill of goods. The actors who portray perfect couples on television and movies, are often some of the worst at achieving lasting love. All too often, their home lives are a train wreck, plagued with unfaithfulness, abuse, divorce and brokenness. Their children often grow up confused and unloved – repeating the same mistakes in another generation.

These failed examples serve as adequate proof that Madison Avenue and Hollywood do not have the answers we are seeking. Is there anyone who does have the formula for true and lasting love? I am delighted to say, ABSOLUTELY. But wait there’s more.

If you take advantage of this unlimited offer, it is yours today for FREE! And there is no shipping and handling. As a matter of fact, if you miss out today, it will be here waiting for you tomorrow or whenever you are ready. That’s right, this ancient, not-so-secret formula to true and lasting love is available at no charge whenever you want to take advantage of it.

You might be saying, “what’s the catch?” I’m glad you asked. The catch is, you must follow the directions to the letter. Anything less, will yield imperfect results.

It is important to understand and remember that we only have control of one side of the equation. There is no witchcraft here. You cannot determine who loves you, you can only determine who you choose to love. “Choose?” That’s right, love is not a biochemical reaction it is a choice. That’s why a little blue pill – – or any color for that matter – will not give you true and lasting love. It may help you have an experience, but it will not give you lasting fulfillment.

Phenomenally, once you learn to love the right way, love will come back to you greatly multiplied. Whether you are looking for a friend, a better relationship with your child, connection with an estranged parent, or a life partner, the process is the same. Follow these steps and love will be headed your way.

Be Patient: Don’t get anxious. Relationships are meant to be like wine and get better with age. Take your time. Do you want quick or lasting?

Be Kind: People love you because of the way you help them feel. Encouraging, supportive and non-judging people are more likely to be loved by others.

Be Satisfied: It is uncomfortable to be around jealous folk. People often feel they have to justify their money, house or other possessions when they are around the envious. Just as it is wrong to judge someone for not having as much as you do, it is also wrong to be jealous of someone who has more than you have. It puts untenable strain on the relationship. Put others first and you will see that your needs are met as well.

Be Modest: People don’t feel comfortable around people who brag about themselves all the time or continuously name drop. In a dating relationship, the other person does not want to know about the super model you dated in college.

Serve: Stop looking for people to serve you all the time and find ways you can serve others. By making people feel special, they will want you around. I’m not saying you should let people use you, I am just suggesting that you try to do more for them than they do for you.

Act Like You Have Some Sense: The old Grandma saying is still true today. Don’t show people how common you are, show them how uncommon you are. Avoid the urge to fill dead air with colorful metaphors and meaningless explicatives. Despite the moral decline of our society, sewer mouths and actions are no more attractive today than they were when it was considered rude and unsophisticated.

Keep Cool: Avoid meaningless controversies that aren’t important. Know your core values and if you must argue make sure it’s important enough before you engage.

Throw Away the Score Card: Don’t keep track when someone does you wrong. Treat each offense as the first time that is quickly forgiven and forgotten.

Don’t Indulge Immorality: Having a loving servant heart, does not mean violating God or your own conscience. Never go along or support something that you believe is wrong. Someone who truly loves you, would never ask you to violate your own conscience. If they do they are manipulating – not loving – you.

Believe: You may not agree with everything another person does or believes, but you can always believe in them. Recognize them as a child of God with a great destiny in front of them. Trust God to lead them down the right paths.

Stick With It: Know that all relationships have challenges and that people do not always see eye-to-eye. As long as you are not being abused in the relationship, try your best to work through the challenges. Jumping ship may seem appealing at times, but if you are truly seeking lasting relationships, it is not a solution. You will eventually run into the same hurdle again. You might as well get through it now. Your relationship will be even stronger in the long run.

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