Think Inside the Box

insidetheboxNo, it’s not a typo. The fact that you thought maybe it was, shows that you are thinking inside the box that says you should always think outside the box.

Likewise, some so-called sacred cows are not sacred cows at all, (a sacred cow being a false god) instead they are immutable principles of God’s universe that should not and cannot be violated without severe consequences.

Confused on the metaphors yet? Let’s break it down.

Thinking OUTSIDE the box is great to help us find creative solutions to evasive problems. It also serves to reveal new innovations that make our lives and businesses better.

That being said, there are certain things that are inviolable. For example, regardless what sleaze media might say, it is not beneficial to think OUTSIDE the box of your marriage. It’s not good to fantasize about what could be or might have been with someone other than your spouse. This kind of activity leads to dissatisfaction and may eventually lead to a broken home.

It is also not spiritually healthy to push the limits of your faith to see how much God will put up with. Soaring to new heights is a wonderful thing, but you need to keep the string attached. If kites could talk, they would tell you that when you lose the resistance of the string, you crash. Freedom without constraints is slavery to the very forces that the tether protects you from.

Jesus spent most of His time talking about the Kingdom of Heaven. What it is like, where it is located and how it operates. He also spoke about what happens when you violate Kingdom principles. So, perhaps the appropriate phrase is, “Think Inside the Kingdom.”

We must understand that God’s Kingdom like all other kingdoms, has boundaries. Yes, it is true that God is Everywhere, is All Powerful and Knows Everything. It is also true that there is nowhere you can go that is outside of God’s reach.

That being said, God has given us free will to choose His way or our way. In the Garden of Eden, the serpent told Adam and Eve that God didn’t really mean that the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil would kill them. Today, some would have you to believe that sin is not God’s best but it won’t really keep you away from God. This ideology, by the way, is a direct contradiction to 1 Corinthians 6 and other scripture.

When we step outside the borders of the Kingdom in violation of Jesus, we open ourselves up to a world of hurt and pain. Outside the Kingdom is the domain of thieves and robbers. Outside is the stomping grounds of derelicts and the diseased.

While we ARE called to minister to those outside the Kingdom and compel them to come in, we do not do it by becoming like them. We do it by taking the Kingdom and our Kingdom mates with us as we join the expedition to set them free.

So please, Think INSIDE the Box Kingdom!

Father bless Your people today with wisdom, insight and a clear understanding of Kingdom Boundaries. Bless them to prosper and win other disciples to You. Amen!

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