Who’s Your Pastor?

whoisyourpastorWhen people begin referring to secular radio personalities as their Pastor, is it possible that something has gone askew in the Christian Faith?

I recently heard a few short minutes of a popular radio show. In those few minutes, two different callers called in to express their appreciation for the spiritual benefits they gleaned from the show.

The first, was a truck driver who proudly proclaimed, “You are my pastor.” The second called in and stated that after pastoring for many years, he and his wife were currently without a church home. This being the case, he proudly stated that he had talked with his wife, and they agreed to send their tithe to a project sponsored by the radio host.

For the record, I have nothing against this radio host or the project that he sponsored. He seems very sincere and compassionate and I support strongly the particular cause that the reverend wanted to help fund. At the same time, I also know that the host has many fundamental beliefs that fly in the face of orthodox Christianity and just for the record, HE IS NOT A PASTOR!

I am not begrudging this host’s beliefs nor am I saying that people should not listen to him because of these differences, but call me old fashioned, we shouldn’t be looking for spiritual enlightenment from secular sources, we should be looking for them from God, His Word and His people.

For too long we as Christians have looked for spiritual meaning and affirmation in everyone and everything we like or want to support. When country stars sing gospel, many just simply ignore their pot-smoking, whiskey-drinking, womanizing, fill in the blank, ways and fawn all over the recordings. When our favorite foul-mouthed, drug-addicted, spouse-abusing movie star thanks God for their latest award, folks are proud and say, “look so-and-so is a Christian too.”

I’m not completely sure why so many Christians are so inclined to put nearly everyone on a street that the Bible clearly says is narrow with few travelers. Perhaps it makes them feel better about their support. Or perhaps it justifies their own short-comings. Regardless of the reason, we need to get back to seeing if the fruit matches the words before we hang a halo.


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